Foundation ActionScript 3.0 animation by Keith Peters

By Keith Peters

This is the 1st definitive and authoritative e-book to be had on ActionScript three animation ideas. ActionScript animation is a truly well known self-discipline for Flash builders to benefit. the fundamental ability set has been discovered by way of many Flash builders during the first variation of this e-book. This has now been up to date to ActionScript three, Adobe's new and enhanced scripting language. the entire code has been up to date, and a few new ideas were further to use ActionScript 3's new beneficial properties, together with the exhibit checklist and new occasion structure. The code can be utilized with the Flash nine IDE, Flex Builder 2, or the loose Flex 2 SDK.

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Foundation ActionScript 3.0 animation

This can be the 1st definitive and authoritative ebook to be had on ActionScript three animation concepts. ActionScript animation is a truly well known self-discipline for Flash builders to profit. the basic ability set has been realized by means of many Flash builders in the course of the first variation of this e-book. This has now been up-to-date to ActionScript three, Adobe's new and superior scripting language.

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Notice that the event name, "enterFrame", is a string. This is what is known, with a bit of contempt, as a magic string. Why magic? Because if you accidentally mistype it as, say, "entorFrame", the compiler will magically accept it without a complaint, even though there is no such event name, after which you will see hours of your time magically disappear while you try to figure out why your event handler is not being called. But AS 3 has even this handled.

Packages are structured according to the directories in which they are located, and they can be nested several layers deep. Each name in the package refers to an actual folder, with the names separated by dots. For instance, you could have a class named Utils in a set of folders: com/friendsofed/makingthingsmove/. (It is a common convention to use domain names as packages. Utils. Utils every time you wanted to use some utility function would get pretty old, pretty fast. Using imports can alleviate this problem.

If you see a man walk across the room on a movie screen, is that not motion? Of course it’s only an image of a man, not the real thing, but that’s not why we don’t consider it to be real motion. Remember when I talked about an object being over here and then later over there, and I said it moved through the intervening space? Well, that is real motion. Objects move through space smoothly, not in several jumps. ) But any and all frame-based motion does just that. It doesn’t move from spot to spot; it disappears and reappears in another location in the next frame.

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