First Garden Activity Book by Angela Wilkes

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Here you can see what to do. You will need The final result is on Small plants (two or three of each kind): the next page. Daisy Potting soil 40 Clay pellets or gravel what to do Bellflower 1. Fill the bottom of the window box with a layer of clay pellets just over 1 in (3 cm) deep, to stop the soil from getting soggy. 2. Half fill the window box with potting soil. If the soil is very dry, water it before you start planting anything. 3. Keeping the plants in their pots, arrange where to put them.

Tiny seedlings appear in the seed tray. The first true leaves are beginning to show. One of the small lettuces has been moved to its own pot. 3. dwarF green bean planT 1. Remains of seed First leaves 38 The stem grows quickly and the plant’s first real leaves begin to open from between the two halves of the old seed. Pick the lettuce before its leaves open out too far. 2. The leaves grow bigger... and bigger. 5. Young bean forming Flowers As the plant grows, twist the stem around a garden stake and tie it in place, to give it support.

3. Label each pot to say what is in it. Put each pot in a plastic bag and tie the bag, then put the pots in a warm, dark place. 3. 2. The stem grows quickly and the first leaves begin to open out. If the plant seems to be growing too tall, pinch out the growing shoot at the top. This encourages the plant to grow bushier. Young side shoots When the plant shows signs of growing too big for its pot, move it to a fresh pot of soil the next size up. 31 new plants from old Take cuttings from your houseplants in the spring and you can grow lots of new plants.

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