All About Light and Sound by Connie Jankowski

By Connie Jankowski

Gentle and sound are of crucial how you can comprehend the area round us. The sunlight is Earth's major resource of strength and lightweight. gentle bounces off items and travels to our eyes. Our eyes and mind interact to translate that mild into what we see whereas our ears choose up sound vibrations and translate them into significant messages.

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Comprehensive Problems are based on material from any section. 1 Scenes A–D represent atomic-scale views of different samples of substances: A B C D (a) Under one set of conditions, the substances in A and B mix and the result is depicted in C.

Observations. These are the facts that our ideas must explain. Observation is basic to scientific thinking. The most useful observations are quantitative because they can be compared and allow trends to be seen. Pieces of quantitative information are data. When the same observation is made by many investigators in many situations with no clear exceptions, it is summarized, often in mathematical terms, and called a natural law. 2. Hypothesis. Whether derived from actual observation or from a “spark” of intuition, a hypothesis is a proposal made to explain an observation.

Thus, a hypothesis is often the reason for performing an experiment. If the hypothesis is inconsistent with the experimental results, it must be revised or discarded. 3. Experiment. An experiment is a clear set of procedural steps that tests a hypothesis. Often, hypothesis leads to experiment, which leads to revised hypothesis, and so forth. Hypotheses can be altered, but the results of an experiment cannot. An experiment typically contains at least two variables, quantities that can have more than a single value.

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