Alan Turing: Computing Genius and Wartime Code Breaker by Harry Henderson

By Harry Henderson

This paintings provides the lifestyles and noteworthy accomplishments of a well-known 20th-century scientist whose striking contributions to his box have garnered all over the world recognize and popularity.

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Despite the considerable importance of cryptography in the new ways of war, traditionalists in both the United States and Britain were not comfortable with what was viewed as a sneaky and underhanded way of fighting. S. ” By the 1930s, however, it was clear that securing one’s own communications while successfully cracking the opponent’s ciphers would be vital in any future war—a war of far-flung armies that would be fought in the air and under the sea as well as on land. In this new, highly mobile and fluid kind of war, forces could be assembled and brought to bear in a matter of a few days, not the weeks and months needed in former wars.

Unlike the case with a simple cipher, however, the same letter would not be encoded the same way each time. Instead, the rotors moved, creating a continuously changing cipher system. The person receiving an Enigma encrypted message would reverse the process. First, insert the rotors needed for that day’s messages, set them to the general settings for the day, and make the plug The Enigma may have looked complicated, but the real complexity was hidden in mazes of wiring.

After all, breaking codes required being able to discern subtle patterns or inconsistencies in the text, and mathematics was all about the analysis and manipulation of patterns. Meanwhile, as Hitler continued to make belligerent threats against Germany’s neighbors, Turing had begun thinking more realistically about deciphering enemy codes in the event of war. ), the successor to the previous war’s Room 40. The German Enigma After World War I, the German inventor/engineer Arthur Scherbius (1878–1929) came up with a new idea for high-security top-secret communications.

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