AdvancED Flex application development : building rich media by R Blank; et al

By R Blank; et al

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Sending e-mail to members is the most important function of a communications platform to a user group manager (UGM), and the RMX must make it easy to do so. At the same time, in order to comply with netiquette and antispam legislation, it is important to allow members to unsubscribe from such communications. Forums Forums are an essential component of online AUG communities, because they are the basic platform enabling members to easily communicate with each other. Forums enable the many-to-many communication that helps answer basic questions, helps people connect, and creates vibrant, interesting threads on random topics.

Qxd 11/8/07 4:50 PM Page 21 DEFINING THE APPLICATION: INTRODUCING THE RMX I started the Los Angeles Flash User Group, LA Flash, in March 2003. Our early meetings averaged about 25 attendees and had a very personal feeling. Since then, benefiting from our location in a city with the resources of LA, we’ve grown to host three separate user groups, each meeting monthly (one meets online through Acrobat Connect), with over 3,000 registered members. While many AUGs provide a major foundation in the establishment and support of local and regional developer networks, one drawback of AUGs is that, by definition, they meet at most 12 times a year.

For example, when you use a Flex combo box, you are implicitly adopting all the default behaviors of a combo box; as one simple example, the drop-down list is revealed on press, not on release, and by default reveals a standard scrolling list of repeated items, not a more complex interface such as a form. It is certainly possible to create highly customized classes and components in Flex, as described later in this book, but depending on how much and what type of customization is actually required, it may not be easy to do so.

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