A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D. K. Ching

By Francis D. K. Ching

This ebook defines over 5,000 phrases in relation to architectural layout, historical past, and expertise. it's the merely dictionary that offers concise, actual definitions illustrated with finely specific, hand-rendered drawings, every one completed in Mr. Ching's signature kind.

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A transverse open space separating. rlyChrlsti3n church. fifJ·-- .. -·---.... --........ -----...... L •. trivUMY ·. . 1I7emJ' Tliefmurtof an early Christian church. ffrtiCOes:f I I ~ulkllng. uSU311y vaulted and used esp. at the sanctuary or east end of a church. Alsa. apSis. - ... / l-............................ ~. \1#~ Elther Of two raised mnds from i'rhlchthe Gospels or Epistles wer~ read or ch3nted 1n 3n early Chrlstl3l1 church. Also. on. An InMr narthex when two are present. ~~{ symronc H font A Pasin.

I ,. ~ ~ a separate water tank for mlxl"!! concrete en route to a construction site. i concrete mixer A machine havl"!! a revolving drum. often motor-drIven. for mixIng cement. aggregate. and water to produce direct pl3cement The a'rsch3rglng-of freshly mixed concrete dIrectly Into a fann from a concrete mixer. ~uggy. or crane l1ucl:et. concrete. buggy A cart. often motor-driven. for ,-~ ... transportlng heavy materials. 415 freshly mixed concrete. for snort distances at a construction site.

7,: ': =;::;,\',,1 ~~! ~:'. ;: ',:) . :':. :. :~i:::c:b~2:z:c~~~=:±:~-T"1 _! r \ i plenum / The space petween a suspenaed celilng ana the floor structure apave. esp. 1uted to Inhaplted spaces odor return air to pe conveyed pack to a central pl3nt for processln~. rlous sius anJ textiJres from acoustical ceiling a soft. sorVlng matertll. 35 corl A ceilln!! of acoustical tile or other sou ndabsorbing material. mlnenf f1w. or ~bss f1l>~. -----------\ An~stlcaltl~cons~ofasteelor \ aluminum p3n having a perfonted fau and cont3lning a 5epante l3yer of soundal1sortl119 material r t exposed grid 1 A metal grid of Inverted ---- cross tee r r A secand3 ry mem ber of the grid su pportln~ a suspended ceiling system.

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