A Trip to Heaven and Other Stories by Leelawati Bhagwat

By Leelawati Bhagwat

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He has granted my request. He has given me the land that nobody else wanted. " Nandini tore her hair in despa ir. But what could she do ? After her temper had cooled, she called Chhotulal and they set off together to see the land. It was a large plot overgrown with weeds and bushes with enormous stones scat tered around . Nandini's heart sank. How would they ever clear the land, make it fit to plough and then sow seeds? But Nandini was never at a loss for long. Turning to her husband, she to ld him unque stioningly to imitate her actions.

My grandfather died yesterday. three chests full of gold coins in this field. We are trying to find the chests. -chief swore not to tell anyone and departed. Soon afterwards Chhotulal and his wife went horne. Nandini smiled, sang and danced all the way back. Chhotulal was surprised to see her suddenly so happy. The next day, Chhotulal and Nand ini returned to their plot. the land was hardly recognizable . The field had been well dug, weeds and bushes weeded out and the stones cleared away. Nandini clapped her hands with glee.

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