A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White by John Watson

By John Watson

Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on glossy chess method and his insightful starting books, that it is just normal that he now provides a strategic commencing repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that provides competitors genuine difficulties yet doesn't require plenty of memorization or continuous examine of ever-changing grandmaster conception. whereas this publication can't fairly promise all of that, Watson deals an exciting number of traces that supply immense scope for over-the-board creativity and may by no means result in a lifeless draw.

The repertoire is predicated on 1 d4 and a pair of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his monstrous beginning wisdom to select crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that may strength rivals to imagine for themselves, supplying a real try out of chess realizing. all through, he discusses techniques for either side, so readers may be absolutely able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature the entire instruments to settle on the main acceptable plans for White.

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Tg4 } 6... tg7 7 ltJc3 transposes to note 'b' to Black' s 5th move at the start of Chapter 9, which is very pleasant for White) 5 'ifb3 ! (D). ltJf6? , the Marshall Defence, which is considered inferior because it surrenders the centre with tempo after 3 cxd5 (D). B I'll cover this in some detail, as it occurs rel­ atively often in lower-level chess: a) The attempt to switch to a Grtinfeld by 3 ... g6? id7?! ig7 7 e4 ±. b) 3 ... 'ifxd5?! id2 ltJxd2 7 'ifxd2; Black has the bishop-pair but no development, and the centre is all White's.

Cxd4 is premature due to 9 li:lxd4 0-0 l O li:lb3 ! e3) l l . c I ;\; (Keilhack). g4 9 li:le5 ! cxd4 I 0 li:lxg4 li:lxg4 ( I 0... e3 'ir'd7 1 6 'ir'b3 ± Vogt-Baum­ bach, East German Ch, Frankfurt Oder 1 977. d) 8 ... e6 commits the bishop before Black has to do so. White can play 9 dxc5, and then: d I ) 9 ... txc5 1 1 b4! d6 ± Zhukhovitsky­ Pavlenko, Rostov-na-Donu 1 969. d2) 9 ... g5, 10 ... 0-0 transposes to Section 2. 1 , while I O... e7 I I li:ld4 is also undesirable for Black) I O... c I ( 1 2 li:lc5 li:\e4 1 3 li:lxe6 fxe6 14 li:ld4 ;\; Alekhine-Muffang, Paris 1 923) 12 ...

B) 8 ... f5 !? is possibly the best move, and a rather ingenious idea: set up a Stonewall after your bishop has got out in front of the pawn­ chain. On the other hand, the 'bad' bishop be­ hind lines is a valuable defender of the Stone­ wall pawns. There might follow 9 0-0 'it>h8 (White is for choice after 9 ... f6 ! ie2 �d6 1 2 c5 �d7 1 3 tlJe5 !? ixh5 tiJf7 1 5 f4, while 9 . . f4? , l l . ; with the idea l 4. f4? 1 5 tt::ld 3. ;) I O... Hansen-Grabher, Werfen 1 998. e2 (D) 8 This is a deceptive position.

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