A Practical Guide to Rook Endgames by Nikolay Minev, Yasser Seirawan

By Nikolay Minev, Yasser Seirawan

Rook endgames symbolize nearly half all endings reached in grasp video games, so, it is important that chess gamers completely familiarize themselves with this severe a part of endgame research. enhance knowing and play of those most crucial endings, with those transparent, complete causes.

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G5 is good for White. f6 ! I n return for losing his queen, White sets up a deadly see-saw, which ultimately makes deci­ sive material gains. 25 ... xh6+ White has collected three extra pawns . R. Reti - A. Alekh ine Baden-Baden 1925 Alekhine has just played 17 . h3-g4 ! By repeated offers to exchange bishops, he either forces a draw, or extracts a concession from White. g4 Reti avoids the repetition, and plays for the win. :tel h4 23 a4 hxg3 24 hxg3 'ilfc7 25 b5! axb5 26 axb5 l:te3! A fantastic idea, threatening 27 .

However, 1 8. '�g7 doesn't fare any better after 1 9 l:te7 ! b4+ 'itg7 1 9 . . e7 ti'd7 (20 . . d7 wins) 21 'i'xf6 t2Je8 keeps Black in the game, but his position re­ mains constricted. 20 l:te7! dxc4 20. . xe7 wins, as 2 1 .. c3 'itt g 8 23 'ii'f6. 20 . . c3 is very good for White, who threatens 22 t2Je6+. 21 t2Jxc6! 'iid3 2 l . c3+ mates. xf7+! This move forces a speedy mate. 22 ... e8+! 1-0 Chess News in Brief Lasker easily defeats Janowski in a ten-game match. An up-and-coming player, Alexander Ale­ khine, wins the All-Russian Championship.

If8 16 exf6 dxc3 17 1i'e2+ �d8 18 0-0-0 White is more concerned with catching the black king in the centre than with defending his pawns. 18 ... 'ii'xf4+ 19 �b1 �c7 20 l:lhfi 'ifg5 21 h4! The queen is forced to a less active square. id4 24 l:lxd7+! One can hardly criticize this wonderful idea, but 24 bxc3 looks like a simpler win. 24 . ie5 27 ttJxe5 Setting up an extremely powerful battery. ••. Lasker outclasses Janowski 9 112- 1 112 in an­ other challenge. Schlechter wins the German Open Champi­ onship ahead of Duras and Nimzowitsch.

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