A guide book of united states coins 2007 by Kenneth Bressett (Editor) R. S. Yeoman

By Kenneth Bressett (Editor) R. S. Yeoman

In 1946, a slender yet fact-filled ebook hit the pastime scene: R.S. Yeoman’s advisor ebook of usa cash. This April, Whitman Publishing will unlock the sixtieth Anniversary variation of this cherished, best-selling pastime advisor, recognized far and wide because the “Red Book.” The pink ebook costs greater than 6,000 cash, with approximately 30,000 person values. in fact this entire pricing isn’t the one cause creditors have made the crimson publication one of many top-selling nonfiction titles in publishing historical past. a high-quality origin and 60 years of numismatic scholarship have equipped what many creditors name “the Bible of the pastime” –a unmarried source that teaches a bit of every thing approximately American cash; a reference packed with evidence and figures that researchers return to time and time back. greater than seven hundred new full-color pictures, up to date mintages and coin values, new public sale documents, extra development items, improved insurance of Civil conflict tokens, and the most recent commemoratives, units, and different cash. complete colour all through; illustrated; 417 pages, edited by way of Kenneth Bressett.

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