A Dictionary of Egyptian Arabic by Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

By Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

The easiest dictionary of its variety. Idioms, instance sentences in detailed transcription, illustrations within the again. This dictionary is meant to fulfill a longstanding desire at the a part of audio system of English for a dictionary with which to realize Egyptian Arabic. The language defined here's basically spoken language and, as such, it can be contrasted with formal written language.
Арабско-английский словарь. Слова, идиомы, дублирование произношения латиницей. Иллюстрации касаются арабской специфики - музыкальные инструменты, одежда, орнаменты и т.д.

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Si ralesiswaar, rilesiswaar lcoll n, pI -aatll spare part(s). ). 3 accessory or accessories (in fashion). ) ralesiliteer or rilesiliteer In pI -aatl accelerator. -S! rilesililoon In pI -aatl xylophone. 4J. si rulesu, rilesu linterjl {jocJ out with you! run along! 4J. rl~! ri~idaam In pI -aatl bumper, fender. Jji rakkoor In pI -aatl {musJ harmony. JS' kal, rakal (yaakul) Ivtl I to eat, consume. nils-i raakul jilaati ktiir I feel like eating a lot of ice cream.

II rayyaam il-rayawaat (the days of the Turks and Mamelukes) '" the days of the tyranny. i rayus{US InJ August. -~rt .. ~! riyumeenus InJ [Chr] hegumen. -also hiyumeenus. ,,, ':'J)oi ratruun Inl natron. -also natruun. ~J)oi ratruuna Ipl -aatl unit noun of ratruun. ,,, ratlas 1 In pi rataalisl atlas. ~i ratiasi ladjl Atlantic. Jiit ril-ratlasi the Atlantic Ocean. O. -"",~~" ~I rUYnus[is In "I [Chr] reader of lessons during a service. i .. rifxaristiya Inl [Chr] eucharist.

FiI-lo,safiir bi-tl;u{[" lala 1- fare[ the birds alight on the ground. nifs-i 1- fare[' tinJaqq' w-tiblal-ni I wish the earth would open and swallow me up. II fiI-fare[' ti~bal; sama the world will be turned upside down. -law ma-Jalit-ak-J it-fare[' nJiiI-ak lala ras-na "" we'd do anything for you. - tal;t it- fare[ high and low, as i~ dawwar laleeha tal;t il-fare[look for her everywhere, look for her high and low. - min tal;t it- fare[ (1) sparing no effort, going to any lengths, as in hat-ha min tal;t ({aqa{ilq) il- fare[ bring her, regardless of effort.

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