101 Chess Opening Surprises (Gambit chess) by Graham Burgess

By Graham Burgess

Such a lot chess gamers are fed a suite of dogmatic ideas approximately how the hole has to be performed. the outcome: stereotyped, unimaginative play. the hole surprises during this ebook land like bombshells within the obvious calm of normal openings and disorientate your rivals as they grapple with unique difficulties. This booklet is a treasure-trove of surprising principles at an early degree of the outlet, but working opposed to the grain of traditional play. every one concept has quick-strike power and is supported via sufficient concrete research to help you try out it with self belief.
All significant openings are coated. There are surprises for either White and Black, deeply researched and up to date. every one inspiration is classed by way of its soundness and its skill to shock and surprise. A thought-provoking creation examines the underlying suggestions of establishing play and considers how the traditional rules have to be changed within the gentle of the hugely combative dealing with of the outlet now favoured by way of the world's most sensible avid gamers.

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Te6 loses to 44 'ifh8+ ~e7 45 "ile8 mate, or 44 ... ~g8 45 ~h7. 29 Strategy in the Queen's Bishop Attack The Queen's Bishop Attack does not result in anything like as fixed a pawn structure as arises normally in openings such as the French or Benko Gambit. Because the definition of the opening begins at the second move, before piece and pawn placements are definite, any strategical overview must look at a lot of different structures. Through familiarisation with how Grandmasters have treated certain formations we become better acquainted with the classical ways of handling these situations.

Ife7 and the planting of the knight on e4 as the appropriate response to such demonstrations on the kingside. 9 ••• 4Jf6 10 4JbS Intending to put the knight to eS. fel. I O••• ~e7 II 4JeS c6 12 4Jcl 4Jd7 Il f4!? Rogers was later criticised for over-ambition, but I am not so sure about that. His play here may have been correct, and the real reason why he lost this game, as in the other he played against him in this match, with the black pieces, was his opponent's being the greatest chess genius ever.

Xf6 exf6 4 e3 ie6 S tiJd2 GM Eric Lobron made the rare decision of taking play back into a line of the Veresov System when he was faced with 4 ... e6 in his game with Klovans in 1998 and after S id3 tiJd7 6 tiJc3!? g7 chances were level. h2 + 13 ~h I fS 14 tiJgS idS IS 'ife3 :ae8 16 'ifd2 h6 17 c4 hxgS 18 cxdS if4 (Before White goes g3) 19 tbxf4 gxf4 was unclear when two strong GMs, Agdestein and Heine Nielsen met in the Bundesliga in 2000, although after errors White won. 6 dxcS 32 Strategy in the Queen's Bishop Attack A rarer but also strategically justifiable way.

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